To those of you whom have purchased a paver to be placed at the
Irvine Park Zoo:

We at Stone Services ask for your apology in the delay of your pavers. With the winter we had here in Wisconsin, we did not realize how it affected other parts of the globe. In Georgia, they had massive flooding in their quarries which drove the prices too high for some smaller suppliers in that area.

Our supplier was an amazing family run business by his "Daddy and Mama" (80+ years old). He was waiting his turn to receive his share, because he couldn't pay the high prices. We checked with him every few weeks since April, but he is unable to provide them.

We have since been promised by another supplier to have pavers within 3 to 5 weeks (at a significant increase in our cost... but not to be added to your cost) and we will work overtime to produce them within a couple days.

Again, please accept our apology.

Tom and Laura Bitney
Stone Services

The Irvine Park Zoo is a great asset to Chippewa Falls and surrounding communities.  Many residents have lasting memories of visiting this natural resource.  Your support can help preserve that tradition for generations to come.