We are currently ONLY accepting
4" x 8" and 8" x 8" paver bricks.

Please contact the Chippewa Falls Parks & Rec Department at 715-723-0051 for more information. Thank you.

Note: Any and all orders received after August 18, 2016 will not be installed until Spring 2017.

- Friends of Irvine Park Staff

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Capitol Campaign

Since 1906, the natural beauty and amenities of Irvine Park’s 300-plus acres have created lasting memories for generations. The greatest gift of the park – and truly its heart – is its much-loved zoo. It brings together everyone who enters through the park’s gates.

Today, because of a deep affection for the Irvine Park Zoo, civic and community leaders are spearheading efforts to raise enough money to transform it into a first class zoo. At the heart of this effort is a $3.25 million capital campaign to expand and renovate this popular facility.

William Irvine left behind a legacy of generosity when he initially donated land for the park. Now it is time for everyone who has ever enjoyed the park and zoo’s amenities to lend a hand. Your pledge will help revitalize, preserve and expand Irvine Park and Zoo for the future!

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